Sylvia Logan   Artistic Director


Recreational Ballet Program

Students at Rothesay Ballet School study the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. The Royal Academy of Dance is the world's largest examining and teaching organization for classical ballet. Recreational students participate in one ballet class each week.

Professional Ballet Program

Starting in Grade One Ballet, students may be asked to register in our Professional Program. These students attend two ballet classes a week at their grade level in preparation for the Royal Academy of Dance Graded Examinations. Students usually spend two years at most grade levels. The teachers notify parents in January if they feel that a student is prepared to take an exam that year. Children develop at different rates; if a student is not selected to do the exam it is because it would be too difficult to master the syllabus material in the remaining weeks or that they are not physically ready for the exam. Students who do not take an exam may still pass to the next grade if the teacher feels they are ready.


Contemporary crosses the boundaries of dance. It incorporates the use of ballet as a foundation with modern technique while using inspiration from jazz, world dance, yoga and the martial arts. Attention is spent on freedom and expression of the torso as well as resisting and giving into gravity. Breath is also used for expression and to facilitate movement. Classes will eventually lead into improvisational techniques where dancers are encouraged to use the elements of dance (stillness, shape, direction, levels and contact). Dancers are encouraged to have ballet training, however it is not required.


Tap dance was developed in the United States during the nineteenth century, and is popular today in many parts of the world. Tap is gaining popularity in the dance world and was most recently seen on television at the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Tap dance is a way for students to explore rhythms and become percussive musicians. In this class students will study the graded tap technique of Al Gilbert which includes, barre work, centre floor and across the floor combinations. Students will also be taught proper tap warm-ups and work on tap improvisation. Anyone who loves rhythms will love to tap dance!